Team Saco

Saco is an International salon and academy group located in London, Montreal, San Diego and Bordeaux. We pride ourselves upon creativity, beauty and technical expertise. We offer salon appointments, in-depth education courses, seminars, shows and seasonal collections.

Founded in 2005, the Saco brand has grown steadily to become one of the most trusted educational brands within the world of hairdressing. Our teams deliver education to clients across the globe from Tokyo to Toronto, New York City to New South Wales.

Led by Creative Director – Richard Ashforth, the Saco Creative Team have a wealth of knowledge and experience from decades at the top of the hairdressing profession.

Team Saco?Team Saco?Team Saco?

The Saco Hair Online International Team

  • Richard Ashforth

    Richard Ashforth
    International Creative Director
    London, UK

  • Aldo Furfaro

    Aldo Furfaro
    International Business Director
    Montreal, Canada

  • Brett McDonald

    Brett McDonald
    Creative Director
    London, UK

  • Pierre Saint Sever

    Pierre Saint Sever
    Creative Director
    Bordeaux, France